Join us in the magical atmosphere of Bruges in the winter! 

Bruges historical centre

Bruges, with its strategic coastal location, emerged as a prosperous trading hub in the early Middle Ages. Favored by the Counts of Flanders, it thrived as a center of commerce, famed for Flemish cloth production, and grew into one of Northwest Europe’s most significant trading centers in the 14th century. However, economic decline followed in the late 15th century, shifting trade to Antwerp, and Bruges’ connection to the sea gradually silted up. Despite centuries of changing rulers, the city retained its Catholic identity and underwent a revival in the 19th century, spurred by the construction of the Zeebrugge seaport and visionary urban renewal efforts in the 1970s, leading to its UNESCO World Heritage City status in 2000. Today, Bruges proudly balances its rich heritage with a dynamic and sustainable future, drawing visitors from around the world.

Christmas market

The city center is once again adorned with two revamped Christmas markets this year. What makes them even more special is that each market boasts its unique character. At the Markt, you’ll discover everything you’d anticipate from a classic Christmas market, while over at Simon Stevinplein, the spotlight shines on locally sourced and artisanal products within a shorter supply chain.

Winter Glow

Winter Glow will be taking place throughout the city from 24 November 2023 until 07 January 2024.

Winter Glow is your ticket to a magical winter wonderland. This extraordinary winter festival offers a dazzling array of experiences, each filled with a special sparkle that will leave you enchanted. From an enchanting Light experience trail to ice skating on the picturesque Minnewater (Lake of Love), from the warmth of a cozy winter bar to the charm of two Christmas markets, there’s something for everyone.

Delight in shopping adventures during the many shopping days, or take a leisurely stroll through the historic center, aglow with beautiful atmospheric lighting and adorned with festive Christmas decorations. Winter Glow isn’t just an event; it’s an embrace that will wrap you in its warmth.


  • Musea Brugge: Musea Brugge’s thirteen venues are a treasure trove where the city’s history comes to life. The combination of historic locations, the multi-faceted collections and how interwoven they are with Bruges’ rich history speak to the imagination. From Flemish primitives to modern art, from classical fine arts to archaeological discoveries, furniture, silver, tapestries, folklore, poetry, etc. A collection of more than 75,000 objects, including more than 60 recognised showpieces – something for everyone!


  • Brewery Bourgogne des Flandres:

    After an absence of 60 years, Bourgogne des Flandres is once again being brewed in Bruges. You can learn from the brewer himself how the beer is made, as well as tapping a digital glass in the interactive space.