The HealthTech Investor Summit is the first European conference dedicated to bringing together healthtech development companies, clusters, enablers and investors.

We provide a platform to a variety of innovative healthtech and medtech start-ups and scale-ups, from all across Europe and with different investment needs.

Why do you need to be at the Bruges HealthTech Investor Summit?

Europe’s healthtech sector is growing and we are all facing the same challenges. At the HealthTech Investor Summit we bring together financers, entrepreneurs, mentors, experts and innovators. We will join forces and address today’s challeges while showcasing Europe’s finest healthtech innovations.

The HealthTech Investor Summit in Bruges, Belgium will be an essential event for investors and innovators alike. Join us and get connected, share or find new insights and last but not least, grow your innovations into market-ready products!

HealthTech Investor Summit Advisory Committee

Ann Van Gysel, MEDVIA

Henk Joos, MEDVIA

Marc Van de Craen, MEDVIA

Roel Smolders, MEDVIA

Jan Wauters, FIT

Joël Henneghien, BioO2Consulting

Isabelle François, MEDVIA

Start-ups pitching committee

Marc Van de Craen, MEDVIA

Olivier Rousseaux, imec

Antoine D’Hollander,  Capricorn

David Petiteau, Medicen

Amine Marouf, Kurma Partners

Ilse Vanhulle,  imec.istart

Jurgen Figys, Crowell

Eleanor Price, Thuja Capital

Boris Polm, MedtechPartners

Filip Vandamme, Lumiares

Claire Verschelde, ICOSA

Scale-ups pitching committee

Henk Joos, MEDVIA

Gregoire Franoux, Belfius

Bruno Holthof,  EQT

Filip Pintelon, Capricorn

Laurent van Lerberghe

Matthew Moisan, Crowell

Frank Bulens, Xpand innovation

Michael Vlemminx, GIMV

Goedele Ertveldt, SFPI-FPIM

Nathalie Van Bruaene, PMV

Philippe Stas, White Fund

Willem Broekaert, V-Bio Ventures